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Posts from — September 2009

New item

After talking with a buddy who is a pilot for a living. I am adding a new item to the list.

Pilot an airplane.

Just thinking about doing this terrifies me, but I’m hoping it’s the kind of terror that you are glad you experienced. If that makes any sense.


September 17, 2009   1 Comment


I have written the stories of 2 out of the 11 completed tasks so far. I will be writing the rest of the stories soon, and then I will be writing about items I am currently working on.

I’m going to be leaving soon for Puerto rico, and if all goes well, I should have another 3 or 4 items complete.


September 16, 2009   No Comments

I’m working on getting all my post up of completed items first. Then I will start posting about things i’m currently pursuing.


September 15, 2009   No Comments