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Tower, this is Ghost Rider requesting a flyby.

Remember my last post way back then, when I said I was going to Bermuda? Yeah, well apparently 50+mph winds are way too much wind for a small Jetblue plane to land. Who knew? This is a dramatazation of what would happen if we had tried to land.

We made it to about 1200 feet away from the small Bermudian runway when the pilot’s voice came overhead and broke all 18 of our hearts, by telling us we would be diverting back to New York. At least they gave us free alcohol on the way back, which I took complete advantage of.

This isn’t exactly a list fail since we will be trying again next weekend, much to the dismay of Jetblue who did not want to offer us the same flight a week later. Piece of advice for anyone who encounters the same situation, DO NOT LEAVE THE AIRPORT until they move your flight! Don’t even go outside or get your luggage! STAY AT THE GATE!

Even though our plans for this weekend were ruined, Kit and I ended up crossing off Eat at an Outback Steakhouse. But that is a post for another day, for now enjoy the pictures from Ducks first trip to an airport.


January 24, 2010   No Comments

The Beach Boys are my inspiration…

Due to a new list item…

Visit all the places the Beach Boys “Kokomo” song mention. I am  headed to… Drumroll please….Bermuda, With my pretty mama. (I am referring to Kit, Not my mother. In case there was any confusion.)

Flight leaves tomorrow morning. I know that seems like we are getting there very fast and all, but don’t worry we will be taking it slow once we arrive. The flight was ridiculously cheap, like $29 each way cheap, thanks to Jetblue. And because of the insane amount of hotels Kit and I have stayed in, our hotel down there is almost free. This post is in no way an advertisement for Jetblue or, but I love them both. They give you free shit. And if it’s free, it’s for me.

Hopefully, I’m going to knock off Ride a Vespa (even though the scooters that we are renting are not of the Vespa brand, the original intent of the list item is there and thats good enough for me.)

I’m going to look into also being able to Dive off a cliff. I hope Bermuda has cliffs. And if all goes well, I will not be spending a night in jail on the island. I’m not totally against the idea, I’m just saying that there may be better places in the world to be in jail. We’ll see.

In case you need a little inspiration yourself, Listen to Kermit.


January 22, 2010   3 Comments

New Items Added!!!

Some more funtastic items for the list…

Walk barefoot on a bed of fire

Walk on the Great Wall of China

Play an entire game of Curling

Grow a sick mustache, Handlebars optional  (This will actually be the hardest item on the list, since I apparently do not possess the ability to grow attractive facial hair. Picture the worst “Chicano” mustache you can. Thats what mine is most likely going to resemble.)

Work as a bartender  (preferably the sleaziest bar I can find)

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