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The Legend of Bagger Vance… Danny…

After an exciting  18 holes last Saturday night, Kit can no longer claim that I never beat her in mini-golf. I must have had Tiger woods, or Happy Gilmore looking after me, cause I kicked her ass! This item is being crossed off again. I felt like Roger Maris tainted with an asterisk next to the list item for all this time. And before you anyone can make accusations, I did beat her without the use of performance enhancing drugs! Take that Barry Bonds!

Notice the perfect form, like a white-r Tiger Woods.

Finding my happy place…

Kit right before she hit par, unlike all the other holes.

And the final score…

Kit 62

Danny 52

The face of the loser…

And the face of the Winner…

My Caddyshack ending…

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May 11, 2010   1 Comment

Is there a pilot on board?

Yes, there is.

Skyhawk 428PD

Tower this is Koala, requesting fly by…

Flying over Oyster Bay

428PD cleared for landing, and don’t worry the bird shit didn’t affect our aerodynamics…

(From left to right) Gold Leader, Koala

This was an awesome experience, even if we almost crashed due to a rogue bee. Rest assured the Top Gun soundtrack was blasting in my car all the way home.

Koala over and out.


May 5, 2010   No Comments