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My Road to Full Cave Intro

Sometimes, when it comes to fulfilling life’s goals, many steps need to be taken in order to accomplish said goal. Going skydiving is for all intents and purposes is a relatively ┬ásimple item to check off. You book a date on the plane, and you jump off, hopefully not killing yourself in the process.

Many items on my list though require many steps. Becoming Full Cave certified is probably one the more complex and difficult things I could strive to become. Firstly, because of the complexity and demanding nature of Cave diving, it is a goal that I did not take on lightly. At first, I never even considered that diving in a cave was something I wanted to do. Alas, I was hit with the sense of adventure and caught the “Cave Bug” a few years back.

Secondly, my proximity to an actual water filled dive-able caves prevents rapidly gaining the experience I need in order to seek instruction towards full certification. Which can be a god-send considering the amount of danger associated with accelerated learning within the cave environment.

So, with all of this in mind I have figured the best way to tackle this item in regards to writing about it on this blog, is to break it up. Start from the beginning and start a series of post. Beginning with Part 1.

Every one’s first step into cave diving is the same, becoming Open Water certified. And that’s where my story will start. Just for clarification my journey to complete this item is not done, no where near actually, I have a long way to go, and I hope you enjoy reading about my journey as I get ever so closer to completing this item.

Click here to read The Road to Full Cave Part 1


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