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To Catch A Thief

There has been a robbery at my job. Not an armed robbery, but the ramifications of said robbery are far worse than any violence that could have ever been inflicted.

Our trust for one another has been shattered. It was an inside job. A fellow co-worker, someone that we are to trust with our own life, has betrayed the brotherhood if you will, and for their own monetary gains drove a knife into the back of our sacred code of ethics.

We shouldn’t be surprised, experts say that we are most likely to be robbed by someone we know, rather than a stranger. And Coworkers are on the top of the list of the most common thieves.

Nonetheless, we have a crime to solve. And I am going to take this black cloud upon us, and search for the silver lining. I am going to attempt to solve this mystery… Scooby-doo Style.

Bum bum BUM!!!

The Crime: Money has been stolen.

The Time frame: 2 weeks

The place of the crime: In our ready room

The victim: All of us, and America.

The suspects: Everyone. Actually not everyone, the list has been narrowed down, if only because of the time frame of incident.


First step is to establish a list of possible suspects and motives. And we did. Everyone is a suspect to a certain degree. Anyone could have a motive. If given the right set of circumstances anyone could steal from each other. We listed all possible suspects that were present in the ready room for the past two weeks, and we listed theories of why this person would steal the money.

The motives are all different spanning many different reason why one would steal from “family”. Some are purely for monetary gains, ie. needs a new something or other. Some are for gaining “Street Cred” as they say in the ghetto.

In the sake of solving this mystery in the style of the Mystery Inc. I have sprung an overly-elaborate trap to try and catch the thief, or thieves.

I don’t know if I will ever be able to solve this crime, hell on average only 67% of homicide cases are ever solved, but I vow to try, I won’t sleep (dramatic exaggeration, I will sleep) until this thief is brought to justice.



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