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Official results are in! WTF?

In the mail today I got the official results of the Oysterfest 5K run… And In 461st place… Yup me. What the hell!? On race day my place had been 458th! Did some people just finish the race? Did they not count correctly. Thats such crap.

I made shirts and stuff. I can’t just return them and ask them to put 461st place instead. 461st doesn’t even roll of the tongue like 458th. Try it, say “458th.” It just comes out of the mouth so smoothly doesn’t it? I even got good at saying it in like 4 other languages, just so I can brag when I travel.

Oh well. I finished and thats all that matters. Finishing 3 places later doesn’t make Kit love me less. It better not.

2 more days until Kit and I head off to Iceland. I am incredibly excited about this trip. The northern lights predictor, predict that the northern lights should be visible overhead in Reykjavik, almost the entire time we are there. The glacier hike is booked for this Saturday. And I added learn to drive a manual car onto the list. I know what some of you are saying that I can’t add items to the list as I’m doing it. Nonetheless, being able to drive a stick shift has always been something I wanted to learn and I just forgot to add it. In other words, it’s my list and I can do what I want with it. Learn to drive a manual car is on the list and renting one there will be the ultimate test if I have learned properly.


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