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This is more or less a fluff post, but it’s not a bad idea to write my plans for the list. Kit and I are leaving for Spain in less than 2 weeks and I’m still trying to figure out what it is I can knock of the list there.

If I really wanted to spend an insane amount of money in Barcelona, we could go Skydiving and drive a car on a race track, but it is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE! At least 250 euros for Skydiving and 400 euros for a half hour on a race track with a Ferrari. Just doesn’t seem worth it. But here are some of the ideas for the trip.

Fill up my passport : Even though we need a lot more countries’ stamps that what we are going to be getting, I am well on my way. The plan is to hit up Switzerland for a stamp while we are on a long layover and then raid the immigration office in Andorra for a stamp. So, bam! If everything goes right 4 passport stamps in a week.

Get naked at a nude beach: Fully nude, not just topless. This is all depending on whether or not Spaniards go to the beach in March. Its cheating if I do it and no one is around.(No fear, if it happens, I will not be posting any pictures. Maybe, just an artist’s rendering of what had transpired, like in court)

Drink absinth: Nuff said. I’m going to get all green fairy all over this stuff in Spain. Maybe it will help out my spanish speaking skills.

Plans for the near future:

Skydiving:This item is pencilled in for sometime in June back on Long Island where the prices are much more reasonable.

Maintain a fish tank: I will finally be getting off of my ass on this one. When we come back from the trip, my plan is to set up a saltwater nano tank. With my very own clown fish, two actually. One named Skark bait and the other Hoo-ha-ha.

Grow a palm tree: This is sad to admit, but my first attempt at growing a palm tree last spring ended horribly. I effectively killed every tree that I planted. (this will be another post). But I will try again this spring. And hopefully Kit and I will be able to sip some tropical drinks under its glorious shade.

These are just some of my plans, some items are going to be a lot easier than others and I will always be adding more.

Lately, I have been inspired by the guys from The Buried Life. The resolution they made to help someone out every time they accomplish something off of their list. I haven’t figured out how I want to give back yet. Maybe donating every time I get something done, or better yet helping someone accomplish something on their list before I do mine. I don’t know. I’m open to any ideas, leave them in the comments.

Also, I would love to see other people’s list. Send them too me, I might be able to help or point you in the right direction.


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