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I need a call sign…

It’s official, I am starting my pilot lessons at the end of April. Thanks to a fellow firefighter in my house, my lessons are going to start when he comes back from work.

First thing first, is getting myself a call sign. I need ideas… leave them in the comments.

Also, Kit has finally┬ástarted Duck’s blog

Click the link to be directed to the site, make sure you subscribe also, Duck has been on tons of adventures and he has a lot of travel planned for the next year.


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1 Brownie { 04.13.10 at 5:08 PM }

call sign “Jerry” or “sweet danny robinson”

just something to get the ball rolling…

2 Mrs. Robinson { 04.13.10 at 8:54 PM }

my dad’s was “quiet one” and his friend was “road warrior,” back in the day of CB’ers. “pub crawler” is more you though.

3 ffdiver { 04.14.10 at 4:02 PM }

It took me awhile to figure out why your name is Mrs. Robinson, but when I did, I couldn’t stop laughing. Good Times.

4 kerry { 04.15.10 at 4:39 PM }

ha ha ha – luv ya Danny Boy

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