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Looking for Wingmen

The call is going out for WINGMEN.

Not for picking up the ladies, I got that shit under control. I’m looking for some courageous people to join Jon and myself in our quest to conquer a week-long Wing Night!

When: TBA

The game plan:

Spend a week (Sun-Sat) taking advantage of Wing Nights at different bars. Example, Wednesday nights at Croxleys in Farmingdale $13 all you can eat wings and beer. Expect we just do that shit every night for a week.

Because we can.

The rules:

1: Must eat a minimum of 12 wings per night per person.

2: Total bill (per person) not including tax must be less then $20 per night. Which must include 2 beers plus wings.

3: The price of the wings must be cheaper then they normally would be if we were there on a different night. Must be the bar’s special price for wings.

4: A new bar/restaurant per night. No repeats.

5: Must finish everything you order. (We shall not waste food)

6: Purchasing of Official wing night Jersey is completely optional. But, if one is purchased and you are unable to complete wing week… You must burn the jersey. (We shall decide if you have to keep it on while it is burnt)

7: Under No Circumstances will the official Wing Week Jersey be washed for the entire week.

8: Boneless wings do not count towards total wing allotment for the night.

9: There shall be 7 challenges throughout the week (Most wings eaten, hottest wings eaten, etc…) the winner of the challenge bill shall be paid by the losers.

10: These rules are subject to change at any time. More can and probably will be added.

The schedule:

Subject to change

If you would like to order an OFFICAL WING WEEK JERSEY let me know.

Info I need:

Name, Number and size.

Step Up and chow down!


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