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Ride A Cable Car

Cable car2

Just like Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, riding a cable car was added to the List when I was planning things to do in California. For whatever reason, I always envisioned that everyone in San Francisco, used the cable cars. To go grocery shopping or to work, take the kids to school, I thought everyone just hopped on one of many cable cars.

When I learned that each ride is about 5 bucks, reality set it. I don’t think most people who live in San Fran use them. They ain’t cheap, convenient or even comfortable, but damn are they fun. Much more fun then riding on the public buses. We did both, the cable cars are hands down a way better time. We got the three day pass for $5, and we were going to take advantage of the pass. After your first ride, every ride after that is basically free with the three day pass. Much better bargain then paying $5 for each ride with the individual tickets. I think once most people notice that hanging on by one hand passing cars and other trolley, is not very safe and they get over the whole cable car thing pretty quickly.

Not Kit and I, we used those things to get everywhere. Even when it was super inconvenient to use them. We would walk three or four blocks out-of-the-way just to ride them all over San Francisco.

Piece of advice, if you’re going to get drunk and ride them, and then fall asleep, sit on the inside of the car, so you don’t fall off. Lesson learned by Kit. Also, its cold. When the wind hits your face when the cable cars head down hill at full speed, wearing a coat and hat help out a lot.

Here are the pictures.

Cable car3



Cable car5

Cable car6