My life's to-do list
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Here are all the completed tasks and the stories behind them.

Go To Europe (3-25-09)

Drive to Key West (6-16-07)

Go over the Golden Gate bridge (7-13-08)

See a man get tased (7-19-09)

Catch a wave Surfing (9-23-09)

Ride a cable car (9-12-08)

Beat The Legend of Zelda (nes) (7-20-09)

Ride a double-decker (3-26-09)

Run a 5k Race (10-17-09)

Ride a Llama* (10-17-09) (It was actually a Camel)

Pick a Lock (12-03-09)

Juggle (7-22-09)

Hike on a glacier (11-21-09)

Put a lobster to sleep (08-09-09)

Learn to drive a manual car (11-21-09)

See the Northern Lights (11-21-09)

Drink a bottle of Shiraz (12-25-09)

See a concert in central park (9-24-03)

Go to a movie studio (9-16-08)

Beat Kit at mini golf (No longer contested by Kit, I kicked her ass fair and square!)(5-8-10)

Eat at an Outback Steakhouse (1-23-10)

Ride A Vespa (1-31-10)

Pilot an Aircraft (5-01-10)

Have a bon fire on the beach (5-15-10)

Go to CuraƧao (6-11-10)

Dive off a Cliff (6-13-10)

Open A Champagne Bottle With A Knife (8-14-10)

Catch A Fish (10-16-10)

Spend a week eating all you can eat wings (11-1-10/11-7-10)****