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Wing Week Night 2

Another night, Another 15 yummy pieces of chicken coated in butter and hot sauce floating around in my stomach in a pool of delicious beer. Buffalo wild wings if taken on it’s own merit did not disappoint. When compared to the awesomeness of 1849 though, that’s when it becomes difficult to say BWW stands up to the hype. ┬áThe Honey BBQ sauce was fantastic, but the standard buffalo wing sauce was, nicely put “eh.”

Jon wondering at what point will his wife kick him out of the house.

Kit munching on the last teriyaki wing. She later regretted it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the creepiest about to fart face ever.

Tomorrow night we will be partying it up in Napper Tandy’s in Smithtown taking advantage of their legendary wing night special. Come on down, make some bad decisions with us.


November 3, 2010   No Comments

Ride A Llama Camel

My first list included Ride a Llama, and I was super excited to do this. Llamas just look awesome and it seemed like it would be an amazing time riding one. Fast forward a week after doing research into it and like a bubble popping so was the idea of riding a Llama.

Apparently, they can only hold about 50 – 80 lbs on their back and thats for an adult Llama. For those of you who know me, I am well over the 80 lbs mark. I don’t think I could get near it, even if I lived at the New York Sports Club. So, it was scratched off the list very early.

Oysterfest 2009.

While walking around with a few friends from work we noticed a big tent like that of the circus. Excitedly, we realized that it was a booth set up to RIDE A CAMEL! Not exactly a llama, but since they are in the same genus family, its close enough.


This activity was almost over before it started. The camel saw me coming and just as I was about to get on, it started trying to run away. It’s fucked up when a camel tells you, “you are fat”





Notice the new hiking boots I’m breaking in for our glacier hike in Iceland coming up in a month. And lastly some camel butt for those who are interested.



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