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I can handle three balls… I mean I can juggle… Yeah, thats what I meant.

I’m not going to be performing at any children parties anytime soon but I have the basic idea down. Here is the video to prove it… By the way, those are socks.


December 8, 2009   No Comments

New Items added to the List

I have added a bunch of new items to the List… including…

Ride on a Supermarket checkout conveyor

Preform with a rock band on stage

Take part in an extended race

Saddle up in a champagne glass hottub

Ride on a dog sled

Spend a night In jail

I have a few more updates for the blog before I leave to Iceland. Like put a lobster to sleep and the stories leading up to getting full cave certified. So keep checking back.


November 2, 2009   No Comments