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MEDIC!!! Man Down!

Unfortunately, for the past two days I have been the owner of a 102 degree fever. This makes me sad to admit but I have not been able to complete Wing Week. No one is sadder than I am about this, and I feel like I have let all of the readers down.

In true Jamaican Bob sled team fashion, I will try my hardest to make the last day of Wing Week at Croxley’s. No promises. Again I’m sorry that I could not finish this item, and to be honest, I will probably never attempt to try it again. It was a horrible idea, and wing sweats are not a good time at all.

Now I will go back into my bed and try to work this bird flu away.


November 6, 2010   No Comments

Wing Week Night 3 & 4

I had to combine these two night since I was way too tired after eating wings on Wednesday .

Wednesday Night was spent at Napper Tandy’s in Smithtown. By far the best wing night setup we have seen thus far. $13 all you can handle wings and beer. When they say “all you can handle” they really mean it. They will not stop delivering wings until you beg them to stop. And as far as the beer goes, well my red solo cup of goodness never went empty.

Tonight was spent at Time out sports bar and grill in Hicksville. For 30 cent wing night during the football game. We even had a little moral support by way of a couple of Jon’s friends and Carolyn (Jon’s wife from the 5k). Uncle Danny joined us also and ate more than a fair share of wings.

Tomorrow (Friday) night we are going to be hitting up an Applebee’s for their late night menu which includes half off wings and two-fers. It should be an easy night since it’s alot later start than normal. I might be able to have something else for dinner aside from buffalo wings.

There will be a video posted up chronicaling our entire adventure this week, posted sometime after this item is completed. I warn you, it will not be pretty.


November 5, 2010   No Comments

Wing Week Night 2

Another night, Another 15 yummy pieces of chicken coated in butter and hot sauce floating around in my stomach in a pool of delicious beer. Buffalo wild wings if taken on it’s own merit did not disappoint. When compared to the awesomeness of 1849 though, that’s when it becomes difficult to say BWW stands up to the hype. ┬áThe Honey BBQ sauce was fantastic, but the standard buffalo wing sauce was, nicely put “eh.”

Jon wondering at what point will his wife kick him out of the house.

Kit munching on the last teriyaki wing. She later regretted it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the creepiest about to fart face ever.

Tomorrow night we will be partying it up in Napper Tandy’s in Smithtown taking advantage of their legendary wing night special. Come on down, make some bad decisions with us.


November 3, 2010   No Comments